søndag den 15. november 2009

The fashionshow

One of my friends called Laura, invited me to a fashionshow at the Town hall, some days after. It was a fashion show for Bruuns Bazar, wich is a danish mode company. They have awesome clothes! A little expensive, but some times you can get a good cheap catch! Anyway. We had to be there at 4 o'clock. When we arrived, we had to wait, because the show started at 6 o'clock. So we sat on a bench and saw the rehearsal. It was so fun watching real models go up and down the catwalk.

When the time was about 5:30 we got a model, we had to dress. I got a man, he's on the photo on top of the page, and my freind got a man as well. When the fashionshow began, we met our models, and helped them getting their first set clothes on. It was very stressing, like having 2 minutes to help a model get dreesed. One of the set I had to give my model on, was some tight jeans where I had to put a strong wool sweater down in to the jeans. Most of the time, I had to help him, to put his feet down his shoes and ty them, I had to help him scarce his shirt. After the show, we got a goodiebag, where there was a eyeshadow from MAC, and a hair wax. It was a very nice experience. It was fun to be backstage and she the stress, seeing the models trying all the nice fashion clothes.

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