tirsdag den 17. november 2009


On saturday this week, I'm going to see NEW MOON in the cinema!! I'm going with a friend. Cause last year we agreed to go to the cinema. She asked me, if we could see Twilligt, but i thought, the movie sounded kind of weird. You know, a movie with vampiers. All though, my friend persuaded me to see it. And of course it came to be the best movie I've ever seen!! haha. The good thing about the movie was, the actresses who played the vampiers, played really good! Andandand, Robert Pattinson is really nice! I'm just so exited about seeing NEW MOON! If you never have seen Twillight, the i really could recommend it! (:

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  1. It was so good! I'm looking forward to see the Eclipse (i think it's called) with you next year ha ha.
    C U L8R Honey.