søndag den 15. november 2009

The model stuff

Last summer, I was enjoying my summervaccation. Then one day my grandma, my dog and my self went to the beach, where we ran into a lady called Bente from SCOOP MODELS!!. She told me that I had very beautiful legs, and asked me if i wanted to go to her office, to take som pictures, to see if i could become a model. I was very surprised and said that I really wanted to come over there. When I came over to her office, some monthes later, Bente took some meassures and 2 or 3 pictures. She told me that I could return to SCOOP MODELS, when I got a little taller.
Then a couple of mothes ago, I was on my way home from the harbour. And on my way home, a lady called Jaquline Friis (Shes the owner of UNIQUE MODELS!!!!!!) ran over to me, and asked me a lot of questions like; "How old are you?", "How high are you?", "Are you a model?". I answered the questions and said that I unfortunately were 169cm. (wich is too short, I think. You have to be like 173 or more some where)But she still gave me her visitcard, and said that I should call her, and come over to UNIQUE MODELS. I was so surprised about the whole ting, because I only were wearing summerhouse clothes, like some baige- not pretty - shorts, a sort of gray worn dress and a black blazer. When I came over there a few days later, I had to take som photoshots, where I was sitting on a chair, and where I was standing in front of a white wall. It was so fun! (It was'sent photoshots with like make-up and clothes and that stuff, it was just with the clothes, and make-up I was wearing that day.) At that time I was 172 cm!! After the photos she said that they would just talk about it, and would call me back.

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