onsdag den 11. august 2010


photo from fashionising.com

sorry for the bad blogging, but im taking a long brake, because I don't feel like blogging right now. tomorrow im starting on high school, so im going to be very stressed and stuff, so there will not be so much blogging. sorry.

søndag den 1. august 2010


pic. 1: The zoo
pic. 2: the beloved frappechino from Starbucks
pic. 3: Me at Mauer Parc - a hudge market
pic. 4: The berlin wall
pic. 5: The road we lived on
pic. 6: karaoke - it was so much fun!
pic. 7: me on Kurfürstendam 
pic. 8: a hudge second hand shop, GARAGE

here is some pictures from Berlin, i'll put some more in tomorrow. But I wanna ask you guys a question: What would you like me to write about on my blog, which would make you read my blog more ofen? 

fredag den 30. juli 2010


okay guys. The reason why, im being a bad blogger right now, is because im in Berlin, and it's sooooo nice, i've already bought A LOT of things, AND i bought a cameraaaaaa! So now when i arrive in copenhagen, this sunday, i'll show you pictures, a lot! stay turned. Hoping you guys are having some nice days like me. And remember ENJOY every minut of your vaccation. :) 

lørdag den 24. juli 2010

summerhouse done

I'm so sorry for the really BAD blogging, it's because when I came home from Spain, I went to my summerhouse 1 day after, where there issen't any computer.. But now im back in town, and enjoying my time with a computer! tomorrow, im going to Berlin!!!!!!!! AND im going to take my computer with me, so i'll promise to make a few post:)

torsdag den 15. juli 2010


So, I know that you've waited for pictures from my trip to spain, and here some of them are. It was amaaaazing, and SO hot! it was a really great and fantastic vaccation!

tirsdag den 13. juli 2010


I've gott'n a job at Ben&Jerry, sooo nice.

fredag den 2. juli 2010


Sooo, im chilling here in Spain, in Sanat Susanna, and its like a dream come true. (sorry have to be very quickly, before the time for the internet is off) But just wanted to say hello, and say that im having a really great time! Thank god there is 6 more days to sit at the pool and get brown in, haha! hoping you guys are having a great time as well. see ya dudes! (;