torsdag den 4. februar 2010

So... today I had first aid course in school. Which I've been very exited about. But the when the teacher was talking, I was standing up, and began to feel really sick. Everything suddenly turned around, and I was getting very warm, and it was so uncomfortable. So I had the decision to go home and lay down, or trying to stay in school, and continue the first aid course, which I really wanted to, but I had to take home, because I was close to faint. So I took home and slept, and watched Epic Movie (which is not so good I think, what do you think?)



4 kommentarer:

  1. Epic movie er frygtelig! Haha. Cool blog her ;-) Kig evt. forbi

  2. Tusind tak Amanda (: det er også en nice blog du lige har!

  3. more blogging please! .. we cant get enough you see.. (:

  4. I will put some pictures in soon! I promise! :D