fredag den 29. januar 2010

friday oh friday

     This is what i dream of. Laying in a hammock, and hearing this song 

Today it's friday, and I should be happy, and doing something nice! But I answered no to an opportunity going to a place called 'the gallery', which is a sort of night club, where you can meet other young folks, dance and just have som fun, with your friends. I said no, cause it's really freakin' cold outside! there is like 15 centimeters snow outside, and just because that issen't enough, there is also a snow storm outside, which really is annoying. I hate winter, cause it's so cold when you're going to parties, and when you take home etc.. Then summertime, i love. At summertime you can stay late in parks with some friends, you can go to parties with out getting snow in your face, and looking like crap when you show up, and so on.

So now I'm laying in my bed, I've just seen the danish x-factor, and now I'm wondering what to do, and think. Sometimes I  love just having a relaxed friday, without going out, but I've just got to many of them!!
So my conclusion is; I MISS SUMMMMMMER!

I hope you guys are having a great friday evening!


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  1. uh, i know too well what your talking about dear...