fredag den 22. januar 2010

Danish television

Yesterday, I was at school, and then suddenly, my mobile phone rang, and it was a man I know called Anders. He said that he had to ask me a very important question, (I was so excited!! ). He told me about a examination, which was about children's duties at home.So then he asked me, if I wanted to go to the television, and talk about my own duties at home.

So then I went to the place, where I was going to get filmed, and was so nervous! I had to be there so early in the morning, and when i got there, I waited in half an hour, and then I got some powder, and lipgloss on, and then I went on the television. I sat in a study, with two journalists, and two other children, who was about 10 and 11 years old, and also an expert. Then they asked us, some questions, like "which duties do you do at home?", or "why do you help your parents at home?". And then they asked the expert som questions, and then it already was finished. It wen't so quick, and felt like 2 seconds.

I think it went pretty well, but you know, you can alwayes find something, that was wrong! :s. And then in the afternoon also yesterday, when I was waiting for the bus home, an old women suddenly came near me, and asked, "Are you the girl from television i saw today?", and I said something like very soft, "ehh.. yeah", and then she just kept on talking, she said stuff like "you looked so good", and "You are a very smart girl" and so on haha. And then my bus came, and I had to go.

Here is a link to me on the television:


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